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Welcome to The Liposuction Center where we offer safe and gentle, power-assisted tumescent liposuction. We use complete and effective local anesthesia to remove stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise. We use the Salus Gradus method for performing liposuction. Salus Gradus means “safe steps.” During all 4 phases of the liposuction experience, Consultation, Pre-op, Surgery and Postop, we maximize patient safety while achieving the best cosmetic result. For a free consultation with our physician, call us at (770) 299-2279.

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Little-Known Liposuction Facts

Liposuction is the most common cosmetic operation in the United States. This surgery is performed more than 300,000 times each year and generally costs $2,000 to $4,ooo. Although liposuction is a common surgery, there is much infighting among doctors who perform this surgery.  This infighting contributes to public confusion and misinformation. Usually, physicians performing liposuction direct prospective patients to only seek liposuction from physicians belonging to their own specialty.

Before 1985 liposuction was performed by Plastic Surgeons and General Surgeons as an adjunct procedure among a wider range of their surgical services offered. Even among this group of physicians, liposuction was not performed frequently. Before 1985, liposuction was a bloody surgery, sometimes requiring blood transfusions and prolonged recovery times. In 1985, a California Dermatologist / Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Jeffery Klein, invented a new local anesthesia technique called tumescent anesthesia. Dr. Klein was the first physician to apply tumescent anesthesia to liposuction and therefore invented Tumescent Liposuction. Dr. Klein’s Tumescent Liposuction revolutionized liposuction in the following ways:

  1. Made general anesthesia unnecessary (maximized patient safety)
  2. Decreased bleeding to nearly zero
  3. Improved smoothness and cosmetic results by using microcannulas
  4. Decreased post-op complications to near zero
  5. Decreased downtime to a couple of days

Today, tumescent liposuction continues to be the world’s safest and most comfortable form of liposuction. As of 2019, Dr. Klein is still performing tumescent liposuction and has personally trained more than 800 physicians of various specialties his elegant and safe technique.  Dr. Dingane Baruti MD, of the Liposuction Center is one of those physicians personally trained by  Dr. Klein in tumescent liposuction.

At the Liposuction Center, our patients are all fully conscious. There is no general anesthesia or general anesthesia-related, post-op nausea or vomiting. Patients typically return to work in one to two days and need only wear postoperative elastic support garments for several days after surgery.