• $2,000 to $4,000 is what you would pay for liposuction on one body area. The larger the area, the higher the price.
  • When combining a large area with a small area, the small area is discounted 90%
  • Our Lipo-Lay-Away plan is phenomenally flexible. You pay 20% down, then make payments to our central billing office however often and whatever amount you like.
  • Get 90% of your surgery paid for and we schedule you for your pre-op visit. You have 30 days to pay the remaining 10% and to have your liposuction.

We Focus On Liposuction

  • We only do total, tumescent liposuction
  • We focus on the details of each person’s fat distribution and apply fine technique and finesse to liposuction
  • We use the safest form of anesthesia (complete local anesthesia) and the most gentle aspiration (sucking) technique available to give our patient’s a pleasant surgical experience.
  • Our surgeons only use microcannulas (the smallest, metal staw-like tubes) to suck out fat using the gradual, decremental technique as taught by Dr. Jeffery Klein, the inventor of Tumescent Liposuction in 1985.

Satisfied Patients

  • Like any person considering surgery, our patients naturally express anxiety and fear about having liposuction.
  • This anxiety stems from unknown expectations due to rampant misinformation on social media. Many of our patients are terrified of being put under general anesthesia.
  • After our patients meet Dr. Baruti during consultation and pre-op, their anxiety and fear go away.
  • During liposuction, we do not use general anesthesia. Our patients are usually surprised to have no pain while remaining alert and conversational. Most importantly, we let our post op results speak for themselves. Our patients rave about their results.

Excellent Cosmetic Results

  • Only one factor determines if liposuction was a success… a satisfied patient.
  • Our professional, ethical and moral contract with each of our patients creates specific behind-the-scenes performance standards. Each of our physicians are certified in tumescent liposuction. All of our licensed providers are current in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. We meet these performance standards to keep our patients safe.
  • Despite our commitment to patient safety, if our patients are dissatisfied with their result, then the surgery was a failure. This is why we post our patient’s “After-surgery” pic on our social media outlets. We are as proud of our work as our patients are satisfied or their results.