Payment Plan

We offer a payment plan called Lipo-Lay-Away. This plan is extremely flexible and allows any prospective patient who has completed our free liposuction consultation to pay for their surgery over time. After the consultation appointment, patients who pass a written psychological assessment test are either accepted or not-accepted for surgery. Those patients who are accepted and desiring to use the Lipo-Lay-Away plan will receive a registration card from our patient care coordinator. To begin the Lipo-Lay-Away plan, the patient simply calls our central billing department at:

(678) 996-8875

and request the Lipo-Lay-Away enrollment. The representative will request your Lipo-Lay-Away registration number on the card given to you during the consultation visit. You must be prepared to pay 20% down at the time of your call. You have up to 12 months to call central billing and make payments on your account. Our billing representative will give you the remaining balance, the date and amount of your last payment and e-mail you a receipt and statement after each payment. Once you have paid your entire balance, then the billing office will release your registration to our patient coordinator. You will then be given a pre-operative date and a surgical date.

What we do not do:

  • We do not perform the Brazilian Butt Lift
  • We do not perform any Autologous Fat Transfer of any kind
  • We do not use general anesthesia
  • We do not perform breast augmentation
  • We do not perform abdominoplasty or tummy tucks